I’m a journalist and editor based in Toronto, where I’m the senior producer for the Health, Science and Climate Unit at CBC News. Previously, I was the deputy editor β€” and the energy and environment editor β€” at The Conversation Canada. I was also the founding editor of Arctic Deeply. In 2022-23, I was a William Southam journalism fellow at Massey College, at the University of Toronto.

Most of the time, I write about climate, energy and the environment, with a particular focus on the Arctic. But I also write about science and medicine, and sometimes other topics, like travel. I edit news, features and commentary, have done research for a television series and produced audio stories. I’m part of the 30-person collective that wrote The Science Writers’ Handbook and I co-founded Bracing for Impact, a crowdfunded climate change reporting project, with five other science journalists in 2014.

My writing has appeared in a number of magazines and newspapers, and online, including The New York TimesNational Geographic, The Atlantic, Nature, ScienceHakai magazine, New Scientist, Arctic TodayDiscoverWiredNOVA, Canadian Geographic, Maclean’s, The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star and the Montreal Gazette. I have also written about science for children for YES Magazine and Science News for Students. When I lived in Montreal, I contributed to Free Radicals, a weekly radio program broadcast on CKUT.

My reporting has taken me around the world, from Guyana to the Arctic Ocean. Sometimes, we get stuck in the mud. (Credit: Hannah Hoag.)

In addition to all this, I served on the board of the Canadian Science Writers’ Association from 2007 to 2012 and was a member of the Editorial Advisory Board for the Science Media Centre of Canada and was an active board member for Science Borealis. I have mentored students in science writing at McGill University, organized workshops on freelancing and taught science journalism at Seneca College and Concordia University. I regularly moderate panels and speak about science communication and careers in science writing.

How did I get here? I earned a Master’s degree in Biology from McGill University studying the renal and bone phenotypes of the NPT2 knockout mouse. During my undergrad, I studied X-inactivation in children with Aicardi Syndrome. I also did some work on the blood clotting Factor IX gene. Research was fulfilling, but I opted for a career swap and went back to school. I earned a Master’s degree in Science and Medical Journalism from Boston University, and completed internships at Nature in Washington, D.C. and at Discover in New York City.