Bats before bedtime

Scientists find new animal species in old rainforests

Deep in the heart of a small South American country called Guyana lies a protected forest. As night falls, you will find this tropical rainforest pulses with life. It is anything but quiet. The whistle of a bird called the screaming piha pierces the thick canopy of trees, as if competing with the chorus of crickets, cicadas and mosquitoes. Other strange creatures … Read the rest

Few bats for Quebec’s belfries. White-nose syndrome killing North American bats.

Photograph by: Nancy Heaslip, New York Department of Environmental Conservation

MONTREAL – In March, Frédérick Lelièvre found himself crawling through a narrow passage into the final chamber of the Laflèche Cave in Val des Monts. Raising his eyes to the hibernating bats on the rock above him, his heart dropped. The tiny lime-size animals were dusted with a white powdery substance. Most of them had it on their muzzles, and … Read the rest

Warmer caves may save bats from deadly fungus

Nancy Heaslip, New York Dept. of Environmental Conservation
Nancy Heaslip, New York Dept. of Environmental Conservation

Shivering bats need help to fight off white-nose syndrome

Researchers are hoping that heated bat boxes can curtail the number of bats dying from white-nose syndrome — a condition that has decimated hibernating bats across the northeastern United States.

As many as half a million bats have died from the poorly understood ailment since it was discovered in New York state in … Read the rest