Canada’s renowned freshwater research site to close

The Experimental Lakes Area near Kenora, Ontario has been used to study the effects of detergents, heavy metals and acid rain on lakes and their watersheds.
Budget fall-out hits environmental research stations

The Canadian government has cancelled its funding for the Experimental Lakes Area (ELA), a research site in northwestern Ontario that has led to the re-shaping of international policies. It is the latest target in a string of … Read the rest

Canadian research infrastructure receives support, but will it last?

Investment in infrastructure typically brings to mind hard-hat projects such as the construction of highways. But to keep science on the fast track, focused funding of research infrastructure is necessary. Following this logic, in December the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) announced it would award C$45.5 million ($35.9 million) to specific Canadian research projects. The investment will support more than 250 projects, including those in the health field, by providing … Read the rest